Prayer to St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Prayer
St. Nicholas Prayer

Prayer by its most simplistic definition is 'a conversation with God'. Just the fact that we speak to Him recognizes His presence and His ultimate power. We may prayer to him with formal memorized or read prayers. We may pray as a single person or in a group of people; aloud or in our thoughts. No one should wait until they are sorrowful and needy to pray. We should consider prayer equal to breathing and prayer continually in thought, word and actions. And, we should always be thankful in prayer and recognize the good things 'the blessing's God had provided in our lives.

The word 'pray' derives from the Latin word 'precari' which means to entreat or to ask.

Prayer is mentioned frequently in the Gospels of the New Testament. Some examples are: "Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not lose heart." (Luke 18:1). "pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17). "pray for wisdom" (James 1:5-8), "to give thanks" (1 Timothy 4:4,5), "to make requests" (Philippians 4:6), and 'prayer for forgiveness (Matthew 6:12) .

Saints are people who have led extraordinary lives in their efforts to serve God. Many gave up their lives in service to God; others are memorable examples. They have committed and become that which we wish to be in order to enter the kingdom of heaven…saints. We often ask the saints to intercede for us to God in our daily prayer. As opposed to 'praying to the saints' we ask them to pray to God on our behalf.

Prayer to St. Nicholas
written by: Saint Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury (1093-1109), Doctor of the Church

Give me, Lord, Nicholas as my intercessor, your great confessor whom you had glorified with the name of blessed throughout the world.

Saint Nicholas, I pray to you through him who has made your name throughout the world; do not refuse to help a needy suppliant.

Why, Sir, are you called upon by all men in all the world unless you are to be an advocate of all who pray to you?

Why does this sound in all ears, "My Lord, Saint Nicholas," "My Lord, Saint Nicholas," unless it means, "My advocate, Saint Nicholas," "My advocate Saint Nicholas?"

Why is your name poured forth everywhere except that the world may have some great good poured into it?

Your fame calls to me, your miracles send me to your intercession, your works draw me to seek your help.

But why do I speak about your miracles, when your power now is greater than them all?

Why do I recount what you have done, when before God you now have supreme grace? Why recount the help that you gave to many when you are able to give spiritual help now that you live in heaven, of more value than the corporal help that you gave during your upon earth?

For it is not as if you were able to do those things then and can no longer do them. No, I say, you could not have power only in those things that come to nothing, and to be powerless in those that go on into eternity.

Indeed, you did not only accomplish the former, you did not ascend merely that you might grant them. Bestow upon us the spiritual things in which you glory, the joys of eternity in which you rejoice, pour upon us the heavenly things to which you have turned. Through you we needy ones come to know that abundance which you receive fully in a perpetual stream.

O your plenitude of goodness, and my abundance of badness!
How far they are from each other!
How vehemently the first makes you happy, how greatly does the latter make me unhappy.

The first comes down from the plenitude of God, the latter goes up from the need of myself;
The first flows from the abundance of God, the latter surges up from my poverty.
O if only that super-abundance would overflow and flood into my abundant ills!
O if only that full plenitude would fill the emptiness of my need!
I do not doubt, Sir, that you can do this for me, if you are willing to ask that much for me of my judge who is your beloved friend.

-by Father David R. Engbarth, St. Nicholas Church, Aurora, Illinois

God, we pray that through the
intercessions of St. Nicholas
you will guide and protect our children.

Keep them safe from all harm
and help them grow to become
loving disciples of Jesus in your sight.

Give them strength to always mature
into deeper faith in you,
and to keep alive joy in your creation.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

St. Nicholas Prayer
Loving God, we thank you for
the example of St Nicholas,
who fed the hungry,
brought hope to the imprisoned,
gave comfort to the lost,
and taught the truth to all.
May we strive to imitate him
by putting you first in all we do.
Give us the courage, love and strength
of St Nicholas, so that, like him,
we may serve you through loving
our brothers and sisters. Amen.
-by Amy Welborn


Loving God,
you ask us to show kindness and care to everyone.
Thank you for good Saint Nicholas
who shows us how to give gifts and care to others,
especially children.

Bless these oranges
that they may remind us of Saint Nicholas' gifts to people in need.
Help us to love and care, like Saint Nicholas, for those who need help
and children everywhere. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Nicholas From an unknown French parish

O good Saint Nicholas,
who brings joy to children,
put in my heart the spirit of childhood,
of which the Gospel speaks
and teach me to sow happiness around me.
You, whose feast prepares us for Christmas,
open my faith to the mystery of God made man.

You, bishop and pastor,
help me to find my place in the Church.

O good Saint Nicholas,
patron of this parish,
watch over all who come to this church
to pray to Jesus,
your Lord and theirs, and also,
on those whom I humbly entrust to you today.

Novena to Saint Nicholas
This Anglican form, based on the lessons appointed for use on the Feast of St. Nicholas of Myra, is a special prayer to be offered on nine consecutive days or a cycle or prayers for the nine days. Say the novena to St. Nicholas once a day for nine days, especially beginning on 28 November until 6 December, the feast of St. Nicholas.

All-praised and all-honored hierarch, Great wonderworker, of Christ.
Father Nicholas, Man of God and faithful servant, Man of love,
Chosen vessel, Strong pillar of the Church, Most-brilliant lamp,
Star that illumines and enlightens the whole world;
Thou art a righteous man That did flourish like a palm tree
Planted in the courts of the Lord; Dwelling in thou hast diffused
The fragrance of myrrh, And thou pourest out the ever-flowing
Of the grace of God.

By thy presence most-holy Father, The sea was sanctified
When your most-miraculous Were carried to the city of ,
From the East to the West To praise the name of the Lord.

O most-superb And most-marvellous wonderworker,
Speedy helper, Fervent intercessor, Good shepherd that saveth
The rational flock from all dangers We glorify and magnify thee
As the hope of all Christians,
A fountain of miracles, A defender of the faithful,
A most wise teacher, A feeder of the hungry,
The gladness of those that mourn, Clothing of the naked,
Healer of the sick, Pilot of those that sail the sea,
Liberator of prisoners, Nourisher and protector of widows and orphans,
Guardian of chastity, Gentle tutor of children,Support of the aged,
Guide of fasters, Rest of those that labor, Abundant riches of the poor and needy.

Hearken unto us That pray unto thee And flee to thy protection,
Show thy mediation on our behalf With the Most High,
And obtain through thy God-pleasing intercessions
All that is useful For the salvation of our souls and bodies;
Keep this holy habitation (or this temple), Every city and town,
And every Christian country, And the people that dwell therein,
From all oppression through thy help; For we know
That the prayer of a righteous man Availeth much for good;
And after the most-blessed Virgin Mary, We have thee as a righteous mediator
With the All-Merciful God, And to thy fervent intercession
And protection we humbly hasten.

Do thou, as a watchful and good shepherd,
Keep us from all enemies and pestilence, Earthquake and hail,
Famine, flood and fire, The sword and invasions, And in all our misfortunes and affliction Do thou give us a helping hand And open the doors of God's compassion; For we are unworthy To look upon the height of heaven
Because of the multitude of our sins; We are bound by the bonds of sin
And have not done the will of our Creator Nor kept His commandments.

Wherefore, we bow the knees Of our broken and humble heart to our Maker,
And we ask thy fatherly intercession with Him;
Lest we perish with our sins, Deliver us from all evil,
And from every adverse thing, Direct our minds and strengthen our hearts
In the orthodox Faith, Which, through thy mediation and intercession,
Neither wounds, nor threats, nor plague, Nor the wrath of our Creator shall lessen; But vouchsafe that we may live a peaceful life here
And see the good things in the land of the living, Glorifying the Father,
And the Son, and the Holy Spirit, One God glorified and worshipped in Trinity,
Now and ever, And unto the ages of ages. Amen

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